What Sets Us Apart 

As a day care center in Centereach, Long Island, It’s About Time wants to stand out among all the other childcare options that are available to parents. We know that as a mom or dad, you want the very best for your child, and you want a safe environment where they can learn and grow with children their own age and have a staff that truly cares about their education and wellbeing. We believe there are many things that set us apart, and we would love to meet with you to discuss your day care options.

Our Child to Caregiver Ratio

Many day care centers advertise a small ratio of children to caregivers, but when you arrive, it seems like there is only one adult for every 20 kids. At our facility, we have caregivers for every age group ranging from 16 months to five years old, and this allows us to give each child the attention he or she needs and deserves. We want our center to feel like a second home, where a child can learn and feel safe and comfortable every single day. When a parent drops their child off in the morning, we want them to know that their little one will be watched and cared for, no matter if they’re playing outside, doing activities, or taking a nap.

Our Facility

Our day care facility is located on half an acre of land in Centereach, in one of the most beautiful spots in Suffolk County. The perimeter is completely fenced, and we have video surveillance set up to keep an eye on everything. We want to give children the opportunity to explore outside and discover more about the natural world, and our curriculum incorporates lessons that involve finding things and learning more about all that surrounds us. We want each lesson to be practical, relevant, and fun, no matter the age of the child, and we believe in raising the confidence, awareness, and socialization skills of each student.

Our Staff

Our Head Teacher and Operator, Miss April, is certified in Early Education and has more than 20 years of experience working with children in schools, homes, and daycares. Our other staff members were chosen for their skills in understanding how to properly handle a group of young children, while practicing patience, endurance, and leadership. They understand the challenges that can come with caring for small children, but also recognize the rewards that can come as a child discovers something new, makes a friend, or connects with a staff member.
Our day care is open five days a week, and we always have an open door policy. We love meeting with parents to discuss their needs, concerns, and questions. If an issue ever arises, we are always happy to discuss the situation and find the best solution. If a child is new to our program and the parents are unsure about the possibility of success, we’ll sit down and devise the best approach for that child. The children in our care are always the priority, and we want every parent to feel confident that they made the best day care choice.