About the Teacher

april_teacherMiss April, our Head Teacher and Operator, has been working with typical and special needs children since 1992; obtaining a Master’s Degree in Education in Early Intervention Therapy and has professional memberships with NAEYC and NYSABA. With more than 20 years of experience successfully working in schools, homes, and daycares, implementing curriculums, working one on one, and as the teacher of many classrooms, Miss April has learned what make kids successful in and out of the classroom and what doesn’t.

About the Staff

The key to our employment process is that we make sure to identify candidates who have the necessary understanding, trainability, patience, endurance, and leadership skills to handle a group of younger children. Once the staff member is hired, not only are they required to have both a First Aid and CPR certification and 30 hours of training, they also undergo training every day with our Lead Teacher to learn how to handle child behaviors appropriately and act in accordance with the philosophy of the program.

About Our Day Care Program

Our child care program focuses on age-appropriate learning by creating meaningful experiences for children and allowing them to experiment with their surroundings; giving the necessary guidance to the exploration of their surroundings. Children retain better and can better implement their emerging skills when they learn by doing. Activities will typically be run by allowing a child to see what they can do with various materials or explore our backyard in search of things that are ‘green’, ‘heavy’, ‘large’ or even pick fruits and vegetables and count them. Our child care programs and activities are practical, relevant, and fun. While the introduction of the core curriculum is passed down from New York State, we will have children learning at a faster pace than ever before, with even larger-sized classrooms than we have seen in the past. In preparation, we focus on raising their confidence, awareness, and socialization skills to get students ready with the tools to be successful.

The Difference

It’s About Time differentiates itself in very positive ways from the competition:

  • Our class is run by a Certified Early Education Teacher with more than 20 years of experience.
  • Our staff are people with the desire, personality, and leadership to run our classrooms with our center’s education philosophy each day, all day.
  • Our curriculum focuses on providing the learning style and developmental placement of each child.
  • Our center is safe, clean, and full of learning opportunities.
  • Our property is fenced in, in compliance with state regulations without any violations, and has video surveillance all around our premises. There is no such thing as “safe enough” with our children!
  • Our name means that It’s About Time you should expect more from your day care provider!