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It's About Time

Children's Center

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It’s About Time Children’s Center is a Group Family Day Care located in Centereach, Long Island, NY. We strive to be the best day care center on Long Island by providing an educational and memorable experience for children in the Brookhaven community.

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Our New York child care program not only aims to build a bond with our children, but with their parents as well. We want to hear from parents about what goes on in their home, so that we can reinforce emerging skills, offer advice, and provide resources to continuously foster the bond between us and the family.

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Choosing a day care that fits your educational and financial requirements isn’t easy, and can be an emotionally exhaustive challenge, often leaving a feeling of regret and worry. We offer a minimal contract obligation and a separation program to help alleviate fears and make absolutely sure that this is the right program for you and your child.

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Full Time Day Care 5 Days a Week!

Our Suffolk County Child Care classes are run by a Certified Early Education Teacher with a Master’s Degree and more than 20 years of experience. Our Day Care Program focuses on learning through experience. The last thing we would want to do is force a child to participate in activities they do not want to do; instead, our child care program focus on what the child’s interests are and embrace everyday learning opportunities. Our Long Island day care center is safe, sanitary, video monitored and complies with all New York State regulations. We’ve never had a violation! As our name states, It’s About Time that we should expect more from a day care provider!

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